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With over 300 million users, Pinterest is currently the sixth-largest social media in the world and its user base continues to grow year after year. This is also due to the fact that an increasing number of businesses, website owners, and individual bloggers are using Pinterest to improve brand awareness, traffic, and conversions, as well as customer engagement and brand loyalty. If you have little experience with this social network, you are probably looking for a reliable Pinterest tutorial for business. This article will review several tutorials, guides, and courses available online for those who want to learn the best Pinterest business strategies, tools, and techniques.

1) Pinterest for Business – Official YouTube Channel


Video lessons


Variable (Self-paced learning)








Auto-generated subtitles

Pinterest has an official YouTube channel with video tutorials created for those who want to learn how to use this social network in a business environment. This channel has been online since 2013 and it uploads new content regularly.

The best place to start is the Pinterest Business Webinars playlist. It includes 24 video lectures that will help you understand how Pinterest works, how to get started, how to grow your business with Pinterest, how to use ads, and how to measure performance effectively. The duration of each video is between 10 and 50 minutes and all key notions are explained by the Pinterest staff in detail.

Pinterest for Business - YouTube Official ChannelA screenshot from a video on “Pinterest for Business” official YouTube channel

We suggest that you also take a look at the Pinterest Performance Webinars playlist to learn more about interest targeting, activating Pinterest search, managing ads, and running effective campaigns.

You can find many additional tutorial videos by navigating this channel, as well as other playlists dedicated to the latest Pinterest trends, Pinterest success stories, and interviews with Pinterest management and marketing staff.

Watching video tutorials made by people who work for Pinterest has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you can gain a lot of insider knowledge from those who created this platform. On the other hand, they have an obvious interest in increasing the number of Pinterest users so they are also using these tutorials to market their social network.

TO SUM IT UP: This free YouTube channel is a great pick for those who want to learn more about Pinterest and its business applications from those who manage this social network daily. Its video lectures contain very helpful insights, as well as inspiring stories from firms and entrepreneurs who used Pinterest to grow their audience and customer base through this social network.

Pinterest for Business - Official YouTube channel - User Reviews

2) Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest for Business Basics – Udemy


Video lessons


1 hour and 46 minutes


Udemy Account






Subtitles, Downloadable material

This is Udemy’s best-rated course for those who want to learn how to use Pinterest for business reasons. This course is perfect for website owners, bloggers, content creators, small businesses, and e-commerce sites who have no prior experience with this social network and want to learn how to use the basic Pinterest tools and strategies to increase traffic and visitor engagement.

This course is divided into 13 different lectures. It lasts 1 hour and 46 minutes in total.

Pinterest Marketing - Pinterest for Business Basics - Udemy
A screenshot from Udemy course “Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest for Business Basics”

The first four introductory videos will get you acquainted with Pinterest’s key features. You’ll then move on to learn about keyword analysis, hashtags, pin, and boards. Mastering these tools is essential to use Pinterest in a way that helps you grow your business, website, or blog. Finally, you’ll learn how to read and interpret Pinterest analytics data.

The course’s host is a very experienced and helpful business coach who has helped many clients develop their online businesses and websites. Her teaching style is very effective and engaging.

The course’s fee is $18.99, which frankly is a bargain for the amount value this course provides. By enrolling you will have lifetime access to the course’s video lectures and downloadable resources.

Upon completion, you will receive a Udemy certificate which you can add to your CV to share your new skill with potential employers.

TO SUM IT UP: In our opinion, this course is one of the best ones available online for those who have no prior experience with Pinterest for business. It will provide you with a solid grasp of Pinterest’s basic tools and techniques and it will teach you how to use them strategically to achieve your business goals. Highly recommended for beginners.

Pinterest Marketing - Pinterest for Business Basics - Udemy - User Reviews

3) Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide – Neil Patel


Written tutorial


Variable (self-paced training)








Video introduction, Visual aids

Neil Patel is one of the most popular digital marketing and SEO coaches. His website offers several social media management tutorials. This one focuses on how to use Pinterest effectively and strategically to grow your online business. 

It’s a compact, one-page tutorial available on Neil Patel’s official website. It has an introductory video and uses several charts, graphs, and images to help you better understand the key notions and to guide you through the key steps.

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide - Neil Patel
An excerpt from “Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide” on NeilPatel.com

After an overview of Pinterest’s history, current situation, and trends, you will learn about Pinterest’s primary features and you will understand what makes Pinterest different from other social media networks.

You’ll then go into specifics and learn how to create attractive pins, how to achieve visibility, how to grow your follower base, how to effectively promote your brand, and how to measure your performance using Pinterest Analytics.

Another prominent feature of this tutorial is case studies. You will study several real-life scenarios and learn how other businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers achieved their business and marketing goals using Pinterest. 

The comment section at the end of this tutorial is very busy. If you didn’t understand some concepts or if you have additional questions, you can post a comment and receive an answer from either Neil himself or from other experienced digital marketers who follow his website.

TO SUM IT UP: Probably the best free, compact guide available online for people interested in using Pinterest for business purposes. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of how Pinterest works and how it can help you grow your business, but it also goes into sufficient detail on each point, providing real-life case studies at each step of the way. 

WHAT LEARNERS SAY ABOUT IT:Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide - Neil Patel - User Reviews

4) Pinterest Marketing Master Class – Bootcamp Digital


Video lessons


3+ hours


Bootcamp Digital Account






Downloadable material

If you are looking for more than a quick tutorial or short guide on how to grow your business on Pinterest and you plan to gain in-depth knowledge in this specific area, you should consider this master class from bootcampdigital.com, a registered and accredited education provider whose clients include Google, P&G, and Verizon.

This course is also useful for those who are planning to pursue a career in digital marketing.  After completing this course, you will receive a certificate that will increase your attractiveness in the job market.

By enrolling in this class, you’ll have 1-year access to 40 video lectures. These videos cover all crucial aspects of Pinterest for business, from beginner to professional level. As you go through the training, you’ll also study real-life scenarios and learn how other businesses have used Pinterest to achieve business success.

Pinterest Marketing Master Class - Bootcamp DigitalA screenshot from “Pinterest Marketing Master Class” by bootcampdigital.com

There are four main sections in this course:

  • Essentials (9 videos) – These video lectures will show you how Pinterest works and what are its most important features and functions.
  • Strategy (9 videos) –  You will learn about Pinterest Business accounts, how to use ads, and how to measure your performance using Analytics tools. You’ll also analyze four case studies.
  • Management (13 videos) – You will learn how to set up and optimize your Business account, how to define your content strategy, and how to use Pinterest to increase your website’s traffic. At the end of this section, you will analyze another case study.
  • Mastery (11 videos) – In this section, you will perfect your skills and learn additional techniques that will help you maximize your business performance on Pinterest.

In addition to the main video lessons, this course gives you access to additional downloadable material that will make your study easier. You will also have access to some bonus training in the broader field of digital marketing.

This class has over 72 reviews and a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot.com, with 85% of students describing it as “excellent” and 14% of students describing it as “great”. If you are serious about mastering this skill, this $197 certification course is definitely worth its price.

TO SUM IT UP: One of the best courses available for those who want to gain in-depth, practical knowledge of Pinterest for Business. You’ll start from the basics and you’ll achieve mastery by learning how to use the main Pinterest marketing tools and by studying several real-life scenarios. Upon completion, you will also receive an accredited certification which will make your resume more attractive in the digital marketing sector. 

Pinterest Marketing Master Class - Bootcamp Digital - User Reviews

What level of knowledge do you require?

We have reviewed different kinds of tutorials, guides, and courses to help you make the best decision based on your specific goals and needs.

There are several things to take into account when choosing which learning resources to use.

Are you learning this skill to grow your business or to increase attractiveness in the job market? How much time do you intend to invest in learning how to use Pinterest in a business context? What role will Pinterest have in your overall online business and marketing strategy? What share of your website traffic do you plan to gain from Pinterest? Will you use Pinterest only as a tool to make your brand or company more visible, or do you intend to use it to maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with your visitors and customers?

If you plan to use Pinterest as a secondary traffic source to complement your SEO or Facebook/Twitter strategy, you probably don’t plan to spend too much time learning about Pinterest for business and you’d better opt for a basic, compact guide to get you acquainted with this social network. After grasping the key notions, you can then start using Pinterest and continue to learn “by doing”.

If you know how to use Pinterest and you are looking for quick tutorials on how to use some specific tools or functions more effectively, then Pinterest for Business official YouTube channel is probably the best learning resource for you.

If you are planning to make Pinterest a primary driver of your business growth and an essential source of your website’s traffic, you shouldn’t rule out the option of investing some money in your training. Udemy and Boot Camp Digital online courses can really help you master this skill and teach you how to unleash the full potential of this great social platform. They are also the best choice for those interested in a career in digital marketing as their accredited certificate can help you make a better impression on future employers.

Do you have any questions about this article? Do you already have any experience with these tutorials and courses? Then join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

And if you are interested in online business and digital marketing, check out our other articles in the making money online course reviews category.

16 thoughts on “Looking for a Pinterest Tutorial for Business?

  1. Thanks for putting together this article with recommended tutorials for Pinterest. I had no idea about the YouTube channel for Pinterest. I have been trying to figure out Pinterest on my own and with written instructions. The videos will be of better help when managing and using Pinterest for my business.

    1. Great to hear you found this article helpful, Jannette, and congratulations on taking the first steps to succeed on Pinterest. 

  2. This was such a timely article for me! I am so glad I found it.

    I am a fairly new online entrepreneur who just started to focus on building visibility and traffic on the internet. Pinterest comes highly recommended, so I have been looking into what training is available out there to help me.

    And boom! I stumbled upon your article. It has been so very helpful.

    Thank you!

    I look forward to reading your other articles to help me build my business.


    1. That’s great to hear, Cassandra. We have a category dedicated to courses, tutorials, and guides for people who are interested in making money online. Come visit us again in the future to find new articles. 

  3. Most of us are visual by nature. And a platform like Pinterest leverages that very well. I have seen all the potential Pinterest has for my site but I just don’t know how to take advantage of this tool as a business should. I’m glad you prepared this post and will start with the YouTube course and the one prepared by Neil Patel.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ann. Pinterest is one of the best social media networks to advertise and grow your business online. These tutorials will definitely help you make the most of it!

  4. Good afternoon

    This is a great article full of great information about Pinterest.  Getting started and using Pinterest for my business is absolutely on the list of things to do.

    I love this article because its not just trying to sell me some expensive fluff.  It is giving me options and they all look like great options.

    I am going to start with the free stuff and see if I can learn enough to move forward and then we will look at paid options.

    This was a great article.  You have given myself and your readers some pretty great info


    1. Hi, Dale. Pinterest official business tutorials on YouTube and Neil Patel’s guide are definitely a great starting point. They can help you get acquainted with Pinterest and understand how it can be used in a business context. You can decide at a later stage if you want to take your knowledge further with more in-depth paid courses.

  5. I found the article very informative in its content and also in its final recommendations.  As a new internet entrepreneur I´m interested in using social media but have a lot of issues with the privacy side of things.  I know that Pinterest is newer than Facebook and Twitter and I also like the fact that it´s more of a visual platform, which I think would work well with internet marketing. 

    Would you recommend Pinterest before Facebook and Twitter or is it more to do with the type.of online business I´m creating?  I only see social media as a way of marketing my business and not for keeping up with friends or family.

    I liked the end of the article as it certainly made me think about what I would like to do with the Pinterest site and how much I would use it as a tool for marketing my business.  I think that answering that question will help me to decide how to move forward with Pinterest.  Having the ability to start with the free options is a great advantage for someone starting out with an internet business and maybe moving on to paying for a course should the need or the want arise.

    I´m very glad I read this article as it´s given me food for thought and really useful information. 

    1. Hello, Stephen. Pinterest’s user base is not as large as Facebook’s or Twitter’s but Pinterest is probably one of the best social media platforms for new bloggers or website owners who want to build traffic. Think of it as a “visual search engine”. People look for different keywords (as they do on Google, Yahoo, or Bing), and the more attractive “pins” you post (and like to your website’s content) the more likely you are to drive traffic to your website. These tutorials can help you learn the tools and the best strategies to increase traffic and conversions through this social platform. 

  6. Thank you for your collection of great courses.

    There was a good mix of paid and free courses for Pinterest for Business, with pretty detailed breakdown the courses’ contents and what to expect. I like it how you gave an advice at the end for which course to take based on the person’s needs and intentions. With this, I reckon I would go for YouTube channel at the moment since I know briefly how to use it. However, if anytime in the future I want to get involved more with Pinterest, Udemy would be a great choice to be next.



    1. That’s a great plan, Tam. Those tutorial videos on Pinterest’s official channel are a great starting point to get acquainted with this platform. You can start experimenting with Pinterest’s business tools before deciding whether to take a more extensive course. 

  7. Hi,

    Pinterest is one platform which is troubling me in its usage. I am a blogger trying to use Pinterest to promote my blog but have failed till date. Your post comes at the right time across and I feel the need to start viewing the videos on Youtube as mentioned on your review. 

    I next plan to take on the course at Udemy as for me it is about learning and not certification to enhance attractiveness in the job market.

    Overall, thanks for bringing this up. This is definitely going to help many fellow-bloggers. 

  8. Pinterest is a very important social media site that can really help people get their business exposed to a very large audience. Many people have had great success advertising their business and it is a very convenient way to get more exposure to your website. Pinterest has over 300 million users and the benefits that it can provide to you are very impressive. If you want to advertise to help your business to gain more exposure, then you should check out what this social platform can do for you.

    1. Well said, billionreview. Many business owners, bloggers, and e-commerce sites managers are less acquainted with Pinterest than they are with more famous social networks. This prevents them from taking advantage of the many opportunities Pinterest offers. It’s probably one of the best social platforms to “market” your content, products, and services, especially for smaller business and website owners. 

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