How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost? Are They Convenient?

Learning piano is fun, but it can be overwhelming, such as choosing the type of class, looking for different courses, and comparing prices. This article will focus on the benefits of online piano lessons and how they can help you get more with less.

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost?

An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Piano Lessons

In today’s remote learning culture, a lot of valuable teaching content is available to online students. Learning how to play an instrument is one of those skills that an increasing number of people prefer learning online. Traditional on-site piano lessons or hiring a private piano teacher are no longer the only option.

Online piano lessons are mainly accessible in two forms: pre-recorded videos and live online lessons

Pre-recorded video courses allow you to go through different lessons at will and study at your own pace. In contrast, live online classes allow you to interact with your instructor in real time, either 1-to-1 or in a group environment. The choice depends on each person’s preferences. Some people prefer the flexibility of pre-recorded lessons, while others need real-time guidance to make improvements. 

Traditional piano lessons can be pretty expensive. In the US, the average hourly cost of learning piano ranges between 30$ and 60$ for a beginner. Similarly, in the UK, the cost is around £30 to £50 per hour. If you are on a budget, online piano lessons are definitely a valid alternative to look into.

Learning online allows you to choose from a wide range of content. You can buy a series of pre-recorded courses or take a virtual class. Not the mention that you can find full beginner’s courses for less than $150, the price you would pay for just 3 or 4 hours with a traditional teacher. If you want a 1-to-1 virtual live session, you can book a piano teacher for as low as 12$ per hour. Plus, online courses are often on sale, so you can save even more compared to old-school lessons. 

Other Benefits of Learning Piano Online

Price is not the only reason why you may prefer learning piano online. There are other great benefits tied to online learning. Here are the main ones.


People are busy, and it can be challenging to add a new hobby or learn a new skill into your everyday routine. It’s one of the main reasons why online courses are becoming so popular among learners of all ages. Online piano lessons allow you to choose when to learn based on your availability. Every week or day, you can check when you have some extra time and fit your pre-recorded piano lessons right in there. It is really that simple!

No Commute Issues

Transportation is another pain point when it comes to traditional lessons. Moving from point A to point B takes time and effort, especially if you are already very busy. If you live far from your piano instructor, going to class is basically a short trip. This may also reduce your productivity and increase your stress. However, with the option of learning piano online, you can spare yourself the hassle of commuting. It saves you money, time, and energy, making your learning ultimately more productive.

Diverse Teacher Options

The Internet connects you to the whole world, so you have plenty of alternatives when choosing your teachers. The instructor of your choice may not be available in your area or, even worse, you may have no access to qualified piano teachers at all if you live in a small town. Online piano lessons allow you to learn from excellent teachers from all over the globe, and some can be very affordable. This way, you will get a bang for your buck without compromising on teaching quality.

Better Productivity

One misconception is that learning piano face-to-face is more productive than doing it online. In reality, there is often a lot of chit-chat involved in traditional classes and tons of other ways to get distracted. In online live classes, the teacher is more concerned with getting things done than having a friendly talk. By learning piano online, you can focus entirely on the task as the learning process is under your control.

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost? Online Courses

Some Great Lessons for Online Piano Learners

If you are planning to look for the right piano lessons online, there are tons of options out there. The Internet is a huge ocean of information. You can find great paid courses as well as free resources. But everyone needs a starting point, right? So, if you are looking for a comprehensive resource to learn piano, “Learn piano or keyboard from scratch – Complete piano course” by Martin Cohen is an excellent place to start as a beginner. This course is available on the learning platform Udemy for $109.99 as of now, and it counts more than 30,000 former students. If you are lucky, you can also benefit from a discount offer and pay much less. This course has a 4.8 overall rating which says a lot about its quality. But let us dig a bit deeper and see what makes it the right pick.

First of all, there are no previous knowledge requirements, and everything you need will be taught in the course. Along with this, it provides you with 25 hours of video content, two ebooks about piano, 35 articles to expand your knowledge, and 493 other downloadable resources. Both the quantity and quality of this course make it great in terms of value for money. Another positive aspect of this course is that it is constantly updated with new material. The course is mostly focused on scales and chords, as these are the most important topics for beginners. All of the 12 major scales are covered along with practice songs in addition to the theory around all minor scales. Moreover, the course contains practice for the major seven chords. Martin’s teaching style is really natural and easy to follow.

However, sometimes you want to use free resources to test your interest in a topic before enrolling in paid classes. It’s not rare for people to get excited about a new skill and later find out they aren’t really willing to commit to it long-term. If you want to check whether learning piano is the right call for you, you can go through the playlists of YouTube channel MangoldProject for free. This channel has plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials about chords, strumming, reading music sheets, etc. In short, the focus is on getting you started playing your first song immediately without spending too much time learning theory. 

Wrapping It Up

After going through the whole article, we hope that you have a better understanding of the benefits online piano lessons give over traditional forms of teaching. Indeed the world is moving at a fast pace, and the same goes for education. Learning piano online will give you access to all the resources you need while optimizing your time and saving money.

Feel free to share your learning experiences as a beginner and tell others about your journey in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, and don’t forget to check our tips for online learners. That’s all for now. We wish you happy learning and practicing!

How Much Do Online Piano Lessons Cost? Learning Piano

First published on November 7, 2022 – Last updated on December 1, 2022

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